Losing Contact in the Desert
The 2017 Fake-Over of American Ufology
“Not only is there an amazing willingness in the human mind to invest credence and faith in unproven facts, but there is more evil, more readiness than ever on the part of various sophisticated groups, to use this human weakness as a tool in controlling others.”
Jacques Vallée, Revelations
I hadn’t been in California for even four hours yet when I had already sat in a self-driving Tesla taxi and witnessed someone getting arrested. While I was waiting was for a friend to pick me up in front of a hotel in Palm Springs, two police officers walked right up to me and asked me for my name. After I was able to convince them of my innocence, they left and came back with a gentleman who only wore pants and handcuffs. It was shaping up to be a tumultuous weekend.

I had actually planned to spend the last days of my North American roundtrip hanging out with a buddy of mine at the Pacific ocean. I knew that right at that same time the world’s biggest UFO conference was going to have its fifth installment — the Contact in the Desert conference that had been taking place annually in the Californian High Desert, east of L.A. —, but I found that I had already seen and experienced enough, weird conferences and exciting encounters included. It was only when I happened to take a look at the speakers lineup while some friends of mine were already packing their bags that I started to reconsider my plans. Practically all the big names of the scene were going to be there. Steven ‘Disclosure Project’ Greer, the UFO historian Richard Dolan, Erich von Däniken and his partner Giorgio ‘Aliens’ Tsoukalos had announced their appearance as well as the founder of Exopolitics Michael Salla, the great Whitley Strieber, Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles.com, Michael Tellinger, and Graham Hancock. Even the faction of the time-and-Mars travelers was going to be represented with David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Laura Eisenhower. For Jim Marrs, who had fallen ill [meanwhile being deceased], Peter Levenda, another top-level pundit jumped in. Even the aged Mr. Jacques Vallée had set off to the Joshua Tree Retreat Center — the scientist after which Steven Spielberg is said to have modeled his character of the French scientist in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. All of these and many more renowned speakers were going to share five stages for four days, speaking about ancient astronauts, secret space programs, interdimensional entities, time travel, crop circles, bigfoot and other mysteries.

What actually triggered me to buy the tickets, though, was the chance to experience both the down-to-earth and science-oriented researchers on one hand and — how shall I say this — creators of adventurous narratives on the other, lecturing in the same environment. Over the past few years, more and more alleged ‘whistleblowers’ have emerged on the scene who claimed something to the effect of them being sent back in time or having worked in top-secret projects, side-by-side with extraterrestrials — preferably on Mars or even beyond our solar system. The incredibly detailed stories are often embedded in a general scenario of a supposed secret space program that is being run by a so-called breakaway civilization. Curiously, these type of stories not only reverberate among UFO enthusiasts, but even ensnare renowned and seasoned researchers — although the ‘whistleblowers’ always remain short on nuts-and-bolts proof for their claims. In light of the fact that other alternative researchers, such as the historian Richard Dolan who carefully approaches the truth behind the UFO phenomenon via means of documented sources and cautious conclusions, indeed suspect the existence of a secret space program and a breakaway civilization, this becomes quite an explosive issue.

The ‘intuitive empath’ Corey Goode and his mentor David Wilcock were announced to be the headliners at this conference. In the hot desert of California, they would speak about the practically defeated cabal, reveal what is actually going on in Antarctica, and teach us on behalf of the ‘Blue Avians’ how to love one another and how to lead mankind into the new aeon. With such heavyweights, it didn’t come as a surprise that this dyad was given the much larger main stage — called the ‘Amphitheater’ — where they were going to speak multiple times in the best time slots. Meanwhile, Richard Dolan had to put up with being scheduled for a smaller venue — at eight o’clock in the morning.

Corey Goode and David Wilcock — The New Dream-Team of Ufology
Corey Goode is, as the chief of German Exopolitics Robert Fleischer said, “the rising star in the olymp of the new UFO gods”. At the young age of only six years or so, he claims he had been recruited by a secret military project and chosen to mediate communications with several non-terrestrial species. When he quit after 20 years of eventful service in countless secret programs, he had supposedly undergone not only a brainwashing procedure, but even a time and age regression — which is to say he traveled back in time — so that unfortunately he cannot provide any proof of what happened during his service. Then he basically lived these 20 years of his life a second time, this time however in a completely unspectacular manner. When he began to “remember” a few years ago, it was the web forum of Bill Ryan’s Project Avalon that provided him with the platform to make his stories known to the public. In particular, he claimed to be in contact with the ‘Blue Avians’ — a group of allegedly benevolent beings that are part of the so-called ‘Sphere Being Alliance’. Since 2015, Wilcock and Goode have revealed details about the galactic battle in their talk series Cosmic Disclosure. The Alliance not only leaps to humanity’s defense — a humanity that would otherwise be hopelessly lost — and defeats the ‘cabal’ for us, but also provides us with spiritual help on how to raise our consciousness. Since the show that is hosted by Gaia (formerly GaiamTV, kind of a Netflix for spiritual people) started, it “fabricated so many stories since, that one has difficulties to keep oversight”, Fleischer wrote. He noted that
“While the Cosmic Disclosure show is now in their seventh season, Goode has never ever been taken into custody for betrayal of secrecy.”
In 2015, Michael Salla quoted Goode by saying that “up to one hundred spherical ships have entered our solar system […] He says that this Sphere Alliance is assisting humanity in breaking free of the control exerted by powerful elite organizations on earth”. Being a responsible researcher and author, Salla of course considered the credibility of Goode’s statements:
“How credible is Goode? According to Wilcock, Goode’s testimony is consistent with multiple other insider sources discussing secret space programs and extraterrestrial life. In my own database of whistleblowers, contactees, leaked documents, and breaking news on the secrets space programs, I have found nothing awry in Goode’s claims.”
Other researchers like Richard Dolan hesitate to follow this new way of examining the plausibility of the wildest claims. “Michael has a different attitude towards evidence than I do”, Dolan explained in a spontaneous live talk that he had with Bill Ryan about one month after the conference. It kicked off the long overdue public discussion of the bizarre development within American ufology.
“I want to say right off the bat that I like Michael personally […] He will say: Well, Corey’s testimony is corroborated by people like William Tompkins or Andrew Basiago and Randy Cramer. What I would counter is that this is not corroboration […] If none of these people’s backgrounds can be confirmed, if none of their stories can be independently corroborated by someone or something that can actually be confirmed, then they don’t count as evidence.”
In order to fathom how Goode actually landed in the spotlight, I invited my buddy Chris — who worked as a moderator for the Avalon forum at the time — for breakfast. Goode caught his attention, Chris remembered, because he often used to brag and made claims of questionable credibility. Stories like that he supposedly had frequent out-of-body experiences as a kid, and also mastered the fine art of remote-viewing at a very young age too — innately, so to speak. Chris told me that Goode blatantly spoke about his alleged spiritual abilities and experiences, while always remaining short on evidence. In addition, he apparently took story fragments that already existed elsewhere and embellished them, as in the case of his alleged ‘rejuvenation’. Very revealing, Chris continued, was his involvement with the MILAB group forum. Through private messages, he contacted multiple MILABs in order to offer them professional psychological assistance. His “presumptuous and grossly negligent” activities only came to light when one of the affected persons called on Bill Ryan. She told him that Goode had publicly reproduced her personal story in a very skewed fashion. When I asked Chris what kind of motives might have driven Goode, he chose his words carefully, saying that in this regard he could only speculate. What he did remember was that he always felt Goode’s desire to chum up and make his mark through fantastic claims. Also, the webmasters of the forum realized quickly that Goode was in no way an IT expert, as he had started to pretend at some point.

Chris’ description widely matched Bill Ryan’s forum post entitled The Truth About Corey Goode which he published internally in the first place but later made public. The article contained numerous additional details; for example, Goode outright lied about his financial situation. Another interesting point was a screenshot of a Skype talk between Corey Goode and an (unnamed) third party where it slipped out of Goode’s mouth that he had a “superior” and was on somebody’s “payroll”.

Corey Goode is a protégé of David Wilcock, who, in contrast to Goode, has an affinity toward the spotlight and been a silver-tongued star of the esoteric scene for a decade and a half now. Wilcock published illustrious books about fringe science topics, UFOs, ancient civilizations, and the supposed upcoming transformation of consciousness. His fans regard him as the reincarnation of Edgar Casey. Wilcock became quite famous for channeling an entity known as ‘Ra’ which is said to have been involved in the fate of humanity for some seventy-five thousand years.
“This dude is authentically interested in these subjects, hopelessly lacking in critical analysis, and smoking way too much of his own bullshit… Ultimately a pathetic fraud at the end of the day. The more time goes by, the more embarrassing and transparent it gets. Total ass clown”,
a Youtube user said in the most-liked comment below the Wilcock’s ‘channeling’ video.

Indeed, the superstar who seemed to have a standing order on the Amphitheater at the Joshua Tree is more and more morphing into a source of bizarre statements and news. In his latest book for example, we find a photograph of a broken plate — that still has some food on it — which Wilcock explains like this:
“I set up a direct, three-day-long meeting between Jacob and Pete Peterson that was very fascinating to participate in. At one point during the dinner I heard a loud tink noise in the room. I immediately asked everyone else if they had heard that funny noise but they were distracted enough by the conversation that they had missed it. The next time I pushed down with my fork, my plate neatly parted into two pieces. The next day, a massive pipe burst in my house and spilled water all over the kitchen. Both of these events appear to be warning shots intended to threaten me and probably involved the use of a particle beam technology. I chose not to be intimidated.”
Being a German, at this point I had to think of the popular American phrase, ‘you can’t make this shit up’.

Wilcock’s stage performances were interspersed with such gems as well.
“The majority of the entire US Department of Defense is engaged in a civil war in this country right now […] fighting the cabal”,
Wilcock informed the audience, with his hand casually in his pocket. He told us that we are in an
“unacknowledged civil war that is very extreme — more intense and more politically meaningful than the actual civil war in the 1800s. We are in World War III. It’s already happening.”
Wilcock couldn’t understand why anyone would still doubt these statements, given that the latest Hollywood blockbusters basically revealed everything:
“So when people tell me that there’s no credence in the idea that there’s an alliance, I say: Bullshit! Go watch these movies!”
(He was specifically referring to Iron Man 3 and Captain America 2.) Under thundering applause, Wilcock assured us multiples times that he wasn’t venal:
“They tried to bring me in. I mean, I got bribed. I didn’t accept any of these bribes. There were bribe offers that I turned down […] offers to make hundreds of millions of dollars. And you better believe that I would rather die than sell out to the fucking Illuminati.”
He went on saying that
“anybody out there who is thinking that I am somehow working for the cabal: You have lost your fucking mind! I’m sorry for dropping F-bombs but this is serious — I’m out here risking my life.”
Wilcock also explained why he is still enjoying the latter.
“They cannot shoot the Red Cross workers […] If you’re out there and you’re trying to help the planet, you are a Red Cross worker […] You have to be a genuinely integrous person to gain this protection.”
The Obvious and the Actual Mystery
I always tried to keep an open mind and my worldview flexible given that I had to expand the latter again and again. Over the years I repeatedly had to acknowledge that claims that just sound unbelievable in the first place often times do contain a true (and possibly sinister) core. I am thinking, for example, of the occult background of the secret services, NASA and the United Nations, social engineering and culture creation, or MKUltra; but also of, say, palm leaf libraries, black-eyed children, the time phenomena of the Untersberg or the ‘Faul’ Paul McCartney. However, opening your individual perspective toward the actual reality should always, if you do not want to get into hot water, be accompanied by an increasing understanding of the overall spiritual and psychological intricacies. The reason why many of our fellows interested in alternative viewpoints seem to lack that very feature might be the fact that this would require one to actually look into the mirror and face oneself. Sometimes it seems to me that society is actually of a fractal nature — as I experience the very same percentage of blinkered and callous contemporaries within the alternative scene as I do in the mainstream. Even the simplest and most fundamental psychological phenomena are unknown to them. At the very least, they seem to be incapable of recognizing the emotional and cognitive processes that every human being is subject to within themselves; processes, by the way, on which the whole work of the manipulators that they think they are fending off — and even vanquishing — is based on. At least since Stewart Swerdlow came forward claiming that he was sent back in time in order to shoot Jesus but then was unable to pull the trigger when he looked him in the eyes — and no one bats an eye upon hearing such a story — my alarm bells are working full-time whenever I’m maneuvering my way through the alternative scene.

Never will I forget my first real-life encounter with a flat-earther. We met at the edges of the Bilderberg Conference in 2016 and actually spent a couple nice hours together until someone brought up this harrowing topic. Now, all of a sudden I wasn’t allowed to finish my sentences anymore, I supposedly was not open-minded, and even the most obvious and plain argument couldn’t stop the young man from ranting — while he was absolutely certain to embody righteousness and truth. This is a pervasive phenomenon that we can see everywhere now, in many different forms. Being out there in the desert and listening to Corey Goode, I felt pretty much the same type of ‘vibes’. In the breakfast hall that very morning, an excited lady had said to me: “This man is hundred years old, just imagine that!” (Apparently, Goode has not just been sent back in time once but three times altogether — a point that I had somehow missed.) I was shocked to see an adult human with a university degree who would not suspect anything even when confronted with the most bizarre claims imaginable.

Whenever Goode or Wilcock spoke about, say, how to be more loving towards each other, or the shift in consciousness, or the soon-to-be downfall of the “fucking cabal”, they earned rapturous applause. To use my very own seat, though, I had to win a fight at first. Since the so-called ‘Amphitheater’ is basically just a plane of sand providing no seats at all, everyone had to go and buy something like a camping chair and set it up at the venue — which I did on the second morning. So, you have all these chairs loitering in front of the stage that most of the time are not being used by their owners. When I went to the Amphitheater after the lunch break to catch Corey Goode’s lecture, I had to ask an old lady sitting in my chair to vacate my seat — which was no problem at all, neither for her nor for me. Then unexpectedly, however, a young guy right behind me snarled at me like “This is actually my chair!” I was completely dumbfounded by what the heck he was talking about. At first, I thought of course, he must’ve mistaken my chair for another one, but there was no chair far and wide that even closely resembled mine. Finally the penny dropped (I’m slow with things like this, you know). This guy was totally certain that I must’ve been some egotistical douchebag that was chasing away elderly women from other people’s chairs. So, of course, he jumped in to resolutely and righteously defend the woman. Do you understand what I’m getting at? In defense of the Wilcock fans, however, I will say that I also met wonderful people among them, like those whom I shared my abode with.

But I digress … It has always amused me to see how differently Robert Fleischer and Michael Salla, the founders of the German and American Exopolitics movements, approached the question of the extraterrestrial presence on earth. While Fleischer is doing an outstanding job, he is however presenting the subject as if it was just a physical, three-dimensional issue. Aiming at the German mainstream audience, he almost entirely avoids mentioning the spiritual or multidimensional aspects of it — although he is obviously aware of them. I always used to think that this was a mistake, but now it turns out that in doing so, he was actually acting wisely. In Germany, which might be the only country on earth where none of the nuts and bolts evidence that is pointing toward an alien presence ever gets media attention but is still being ridiculed, it would strain the people to also deal with astral worlds and spirituality. Secondly, now that the Titanic of the American ufology is sinking — with MUFON being included —, the German Exopolitics remains unaffected.

In his article entitled The Demise of the American UFO Research , which Fleischer published two months after the Contact in the Desert conference, he wrote with regard to the claims made by the likes of Corey Goode, Andrew Basiago, and other alleged ‘whistleblowers’: “While there might emerge a credible document now and then, these always refer to something negligible and do in no way confirm the much more far-reaching claims about time travel, alien contacts, etc.” Fleischer concludes:
“From my perspective, there are several indications that the narrative of a secret space program is actually an orchestrated disinformation campaign conducted by intelligence services … It is in particular Corey Goode who continuously comes up with new details regarding a broad variety of areas — so diverse that this man probably would have had to be involved in every single switching point of the US secret operations for several hundred years in order to personally witness everything he claims. His ongoing publications keep producing still more bizarre effects, which means they follow the well-known strategy of expanding disinformation … Assuming that the goal of the intelligence circles is to divert the UFO discourse from the real phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, we have to conclude that they sweepingly succeeded.”
Fleischer basically stated the obvious. Later in his article he also acknowledges the possibility that the actual goal of the intelligence campaign might have been to divert attention from a real secret space program. A tiny question, however, that would inevitably spring forth in an interested observer’s mind, Fleischer entirely avoids to address: How in the world are they doing that?

Not only are the escalating “really fun campfire stories” (Dolan) widely consistent both within themselves as well as towards each other; furthermore, hardly anyone who ever had to deal with the alleged whistleblowers on a personal basis would seriously say that they were cold-blooded and sneaky liars.

As an example, let’s take a closer look at the lawyer Andrew Basiago, who claims that in the 1970s when he was a child, he was involved in a secret project dealing with teleportation and time travel. During the course of these operations, he says he personally witnessed Abraham Lincoln delivering his famous speech known as the Gettysburg Address. One of the historic photographs is supposedly even showing him standing among the audience. Not unlike Corey Goode, he claims he lived through certain periods of his life multiple times. Now, as if that wasn’t enough, he also claims that in the 1980s he has been teleported to Mars multiple times, using a technology known as ‘jump rooms’. One of his fellow jumpers, he says, was a young man named Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama. Researchers like Richard Dolan or Bill Ryan who personally met Andrew Basiago unanimously describe him as a highly intelligent, gentle, and well-meaning fellow. They also emphasize that over time they got the impression that Basiago is definitely believing everything he says — an assessment that was entirely confirmed by an expert on body language who Ryan had invited early on to participate in a conversation with Basiago. “I didn’t understand any of this”, Ryan paraphrased her words, “but I can tell you that he believes everything he is saying.” Ryan of course understands the huge implications of such a conclusion — even more in light of the many details and the consistency of the claims that can hardly be aligned with the idea of a simple, conventional delusion:
“This is a huge rabbit hole, this whole mind control thing. The advantage of that as a weapon in this kind of war that is going on is that somebody who, for whatever reason, has been influenced, controlled or whatever to absolutely believe what they’re saying is the very best false witness that one could wish for. They are an ideal asset from the viewpoint of anyone who wants to place that asset into the community to lay waste to that.”
There was another point Ryan pointed to: When Basiago told him his incredible and complex story in great detail back in 2007 for the first time, he mentioned Mars without a single word whatsoever. That only began three years later:
“We picked up Andy at the airport and had a bunch of filming and this kind of stuff, and then I sat and had lunch with him. I explained to him gently, carefully, and kindly that there had to be the possibility that the reason why he was now talking about Mars and jump rooms and that kind of stuff was to discredit his own prior story — because by any standards, he was starting to sound ridiculous — and also to discredit the other people who have been talking about the secret space program … And this was the interesting thing: As you said, Andy is a very bright guy and he listened politely and carefully. There was no antagonism in that conversation at all. He had the greatest difficulties understanding what I was trying to say. And I’m not that bad at explaining things to people. He had real trouble. After 30-40 minutes he finally grasped the idea that what I was trying to tell him was that in some way, unknown to him, he had been interfered with.”
There’s a long list of oddities like this. Once, during one of his presentations, Goode had a sudden drop-out that lasted about ten seconds where he said something like “I don’t get a signal anymore”. Or there’s this clip on Youtube that shows snippets of two consecutive episodes of Cosmic Disclosure. While it is obvious in the first that when they start to talk about the former US Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, Goode has no clue at all who this is, he seems to know everything about the gentleman in the very next episode, and even elaborates on this political figure. On a radio show in 2016, Richard Dolan, who does not shy away from calling things out, said:
“I think there is something desperately wrong with some of these individuals who come out as so-called whistleblowers. There’s something not right about them.”
Now, in his talk with Bill Ryan, he spoke more bluntly. Mental illness could be involved, or maybe these individuals have been involved in intelligence operations and undergone some form of mind control. Dolan said:
“The techniques are there and I don’t know if it’s been used on any of these individuals — I have no way of knowing; or if they are out there to make their money; or if that’s your soul motivation; or if that combines with the genuine belief that you’re telling the truth. The bottom line though, to me, isn’t really even the motivation of these people or their mental health, honestly. Maybe they’re all mentally sound — and I’ll be shocked, but maybe that’s the case. The bottom line is that from a researcher’s point of view, there’s nothing in his story that I, as a researcher, can grab onto.”
Bill Ryan comes to a similar conclusion as Fleischer:
“We have to ask the question whether things like this might be being choreographed in some very clever way by those people who have an agenda to disrupt this field. We must make no mistake about how clever and how experienced they are; they know all about how to do this.”
About a year ago, Dolan noted that if he was responsible for a real secret space program, he would look out for people who have really out-there stories to tell. Ryan went on to explain:
“One of the strategies of those who want to disrupt this field is to inject so much evident craziness into the field that any smart people, sane people, intelligent people, curious people, educated people who are genuinely curious just walk away and go somewhere else.”
Not too long after this statement was made, alleged CIA insider Robert David Steele came forward on the Alex Jones show claiming that there were colonies of child slaves on Mars. Curiously, of all possible cases, it was this allegation that NASA felt the urge to deny — as if to make sure this crazy story would enter the mainstream media. Jones, by the way, who loves to talk about a breakaway civilization, never found he should invite Dolan on his show — who actually coined that very term.

From Greer to Goode: Controlling the UFO Narrative
Let’s veer toward Steven Greer who presented his latest three-plus hour documentary Unacknowledged at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. I was not willing to pay the extra fee for his workshop, but I watched the recording of the event very carefully the next day. The title alone was already something only Greer could come up with: The Choice — Endless War or Five Hundred Thousand Years of Universal Peace. Greer apparently considers it his mission to help guide humanity to make that very choice. “This effort”, he blatantly explained, “is really to push into the mass consciousness of the world.” He even stated that
“my immediate chief objective — I know it sounds ridiculous — is to avert World War III”.
This man is dead serious about it.
“I’m trying to elucidate these issues”, he goes on, “but we have people in the UFO subculture throwing kerosene on the fire, with vague memories […] that are horrifying.”
Later, he politely made it clear that he holds strong reservations towards the stories from the likes of Corey Goode or William Tompkins. Well — then everything is hunky-dory, isn’t it?

But it is particularly Greer’s background and motivation that has been discussed since he appeared on the scene in the early 1990s. I remember that when Greer spectacularly started his Disclosure Project in 2001 where real military and intelligence guys testified about real incidents that involved UFOs, like many others, I was excited. Finally it looked like something happened! I was impressed by Greer’s personality. He had even briefed former CIA director James Woolsey — for three hours! At the time I had no idea that this so-called “briefing” was actually a dinner party, which Woolsey apparently had already clarified in 1999 in a letter to Steven Greer:
“You have portrayed politeness as acquiescence and questions as affirmations. Your conduct in this matter contravenes both accuracy and simple manners.”
There was a lot I did not know at the time — which is no surprise, given that only years later, I actually fell into the rabbit hole.

But there were more awake fellows like the author Alex Heard, for example, who vetted and pointedly described Greer’s mode of thought already in the 1990s. Heard observed Greer for a while and even enrolled for one of his CE-5 workshops (‘Close Encounter of the 5th Kind’, a term Greer made up based on existing UFO lingo introduced by Allen Hynek) where the participants do the job properly and actively calling for the aliens — which in Greer’s universe are, in every aspect, benevolent. The three-fold protocol they used to accomplish that involved waggling $40 flashlights and playing noises that they had previously recorded inside of crop circles and eerily resembled the sound of frogs. That protocol was supposedly developed “through trial and error, experimental research”, as Heard cited Greer. Soon after they set off, Heard’s CE-5 team indeed started to hear strange beeping noises that were coming from the woods. According to Heard, Greer said:
“We assessed the site as pretty good […] It is in a known active area […] not too far from a nuclear site […] This is a mutual dance. But let them be the leading partners — don’t rush up and give them a hug.”
It took a while until they were able to identify the origin of the strange noise. It was an owl sitting high up in the treetop above their heads. Heard’s experience was by far not exceptional and you can still find testimonies like these on the Internet — even from just a few years ago.

This tiny anecdote is not entirely irrelevant for our little investigation, as it shows Greer’s complete insouciance regarding who he is actually calling for. Heard noted that Greer
“believed — and this marked him as very different from most modern UFO buffs who are usually scared of ETs — that we can and should wave them in, regardless of the risk.”
When someone questioned Greer why he was so damn convinced of the visitors’ exceptionless benevolence, the “bookwormy, well-groomed sasquatch” was never stumped for hair-raising rationalizations.
“Playing his MD card adroitly — Greer often liked to remind people that he was a doctor, which lent credibility — he replied with a grisly medical analogy, that of a critically wounded ‘accident victim’ who was brought into the emergency room and mistakes rescue procedures for torture. Strapped down with bloody rubber-handed strangers manipulating his pain-wracked body, the victim may perceive that he’s been being violated when in fact he’s being saved.”
A quarter of a century later, Greer still appears to be unimpressed by solid arguments:
“If you are an interstellar civilization and you just wanted to take care of the earth problem, it would take you one nanosecond. It’s point, set, match, over”,
Greer explained in his workshop. Right after the 2001 Disclosure Press Conference, Richard Dolan wrote:
“Greer has said many times that the aliens are not hostile to us. The fact that we are ‘still breathing the free air of earth’, he wrote, ‘is abundant testimony to the non-hostile nature of these ET civilizations.’ Very sorry, but this is not a sufficient basis for such a conclusion. Isn’t it possible that aliens might be dangerous to humanity even if they don’t exterminate us?”
While Dolan did acknowledge Greer’s undeniable merits in his article, he also criticized his way of proceeding:
“Proving the reality of the UFO phenomenon to the public and (the crux of the matter) gaining official acknowledgement is quite enough to tackle […] but Greer didn’t know when to stop […] How much more powerful a more tightly focused message would have been.”
The question is — would a “more powerful” outcome have fit Greer’s intent? And what exactly is driving Greer? One of his former co-workers who took to her heels already in the early 1990s, told Heard that
“Greer used to have her transcribe his taped recollections of ‘lucid dreams’ in which he communicated with a ‘female entity’ from outer space who informed him that he was destined for greatness.”
Witnesses like William D. Ross said that the young Greer contacted “ascended masters” and other entities through a medium — accompanied by Stephen Bassett, by the way. Where have I heard this before … Once you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole and spent a few years down there, it’s almost impossible not to notice that a vast majority of players behind world events has been influenced from the ethereal realms. Greer, who often refers to the Vedic scriptures, interestingly never mentions one of their major propositions: We, who have incarnated on earth, are not only dealing with one type of invisible world or beings, but with basically two of them: Besides those who respect all life (and its rules), there are those who couldn’t care less about the life and well-being of others.

Greer’s childhood and youth, which is described as having been full of hardships, was apparently quite eventful.
“Doctor Greer is a man of remarkable spiritual powers. He emerged unscathed from a horrible childhood wherein he was once driven to eat soil for nourishment! … Yet Dr. Greer shrugged all the childhood horror aside and became a totally positive individual”,
an author by the name of Joe Potts raved.
“How did he do it … Blazing love from above dissolved and banished the emotional paranoia associated with a terrible childhood and healed his spirit.”
In his memoirs, Greer himself tells the story how a tumor the size of a golf ball vanished from within the lungs of his alcoholic father after he taught him meditation. As he told us in his workshop, it was also by meditation how he “transcended” an attack with an electronic weapon in a hotel room back in 1994 that was supposedly meant to “abduct” him and to make him cease his activities:
“I transcended into the ocean of unbounded mind, so that my drop became the ocean. And they can’t take the ocean. They can only take the drop. Get it?”
Besides the possibility of being influenced from the astral realms, however, a second, much more nuts-and-bolts level of interference is increasingly being revealed to us: the field of secret service, military, and even occult mind control. Its many varieties are ranging from electromagnetic weapons to the trauma-induced splitting of personalities. The exploding revelations we have seen in this field over the last few years indicate a scale and consistency so horrid that even down-to-earth researchers no longer deny the reality, advancement and effectivity of these type of methods. Let’s look a little further into Greer’s possible involvement; but note that the following section is pure speculation.

Supported by Greer’s anonymous former co-worker mentioned above, Heard tried to analyze Greer’s personality psychologically and described it with a pie chart:
“Once slice of sincerity; one large slice of delusions of grandeur; a small slice labeled ‘greedy’; and a slightly bigger one, still skinny, labeled ‘cultic’. There was room left for one hefty slice that had to do with Greer’s moral and ethical status, but I didn’t know what to call it. Evil? Nope, that seemed way too strong. I settled on ‘naughty’; then I topped the whole thing off with a generous dollop of ‘jerk’.”
Besides the psychological level — is it possible that there are still some other tiers that Heard couldn’t have been aware of two decades ago, but might be being discussed today? Some people who met Steven Greer personally suggest that he might be “possessed” — literally, not just by an idea. In internet forums, you can often read comments like Greer was “scary” or “unbearable”, but let’s not go out on a limb here. The MKUltra survivor Elisa E is giving us a different type of hint when she states in her book Our Life Beyond MKUltra that she has been specifically programmed for Steven Greer. One of her split personalities that she calls “Greer’s girl” was allegedly implanted with a false sense of love “so consuming that we often experience a physical ache”. Now despite all sympathy, claims coming from a once heavily traumatized individual must be taken with a grain of salt. However, giving her the benefit of the doubt, let’s listen to what she has to say:
“I absolutely believe that [Greer] is totally programmed and [that] he is doing what he has been programmed for — public disclosure and the whole benevolent aliens crap … Greer and, for example, Corey Goode are different, but to me it’s just a progression. It’s kind of like the same thing between my model — as far as MKUltra — and the newer super soldier model. It’s a progression, it’s a new version.”
Elisa E appeared on the OffPlanet Radio show run by Randy Maugans who was one of the first to expose the Corey Goode psyop to take over the UFO narrative. In this interview, she established some interesting connections. When she heard about the ‘Blue Avians’ for the first time, she said, it immediately reminded her of Project Bluebird. To her, the whole Corey Goode tale appears to be an “updated new-age mass application of Project Bluebird”. The name the MKUltra precursor was given was supposedly inspired by Maurice Maeterlinck’s play The Blue Bird that premiered in 1908. The occult drama that served as a template for the later novel Wizard of Oz tells the story of two girls named Mytyl and Tyltyl, who set out to find the “blue bird of happiness”. During their search, they pass the Palace of the Night, a cemetery, a magic forest, and … the Land of the Memories. A blogger named Shane the Ruiner, who has been tracking Corey’s Avians since they emerged about four years ago, had this to say in regard to the symbology:
“‘Blue Avians’ do not exist. They are and have always been used as part of a mind control program specifically for members inside Secret Space Programs, Cloning Programs and Culture Creator programs.”
The Ruiner explains that secret societies conduct high-level luxury parties and rituals where their members wear bird masks, while the host of the party is graced with a blue mask.
“They call their programmed entities ‘Blue Avians’, as a play on their own ‘Blue Blood’ focus. Honestly — every time someone accepts that ‘Blue Avians’ exist, another Illuminati member falls over laughing.”
Elisa E points out that the theme of the blue bird was used in mind programming even decades ago. When Maugans’ co-host wondered why the message of practicing forgiveness and loving your fellows — which is actually a noble message — must, of all possibilities, be told by “blue chickens”, Elisa quoted from Mark M. Rich’s book New World War:
“Psychological operations (PsyOp) are a planned process of conveying messages to a target audience (TA) to promote certain attitudes, emotions, and behavior. These messages are typically conveyed using a line of persuasion known as a theme. PsyOp is basically the use of communication to influence behavior. It is used against adversaries, their supporters, and their potential supporters.”
In his book, Rich cites more military definitions that are quite eye-opening:
“Military deception (MILDEC) seeks to mislead the enemy by affecting all conduits of information which they rely on to make decisions. This includes all systems, groups, and even individuals, which the enemy uses as a source of information.”
Ultimately, neocortical warfare (which is a type of psyop developed by the RAND think-tank),
“…controls the behavior of the enemy without physically harming them. RAND describes the neocortical system as consciousness, perception, and will.”
The enemy’s neocortical system is being regulated by
“…interfering with their continuous cycle of observation, orientation, decision, and action. It presents the enemy with perceptions, sensory, and cognitive data designed to result in a narrow set of conclusions, and ultimately actions.”
Fake-Over in the Desert: Mission Accomplished
In this context, it does not come as a surprise that, of all the roundabout fifty speakers, some of which are doing an outstanding job and have been renowned for decades, it was particularly the duo Goode and Wilcock that announced a sheer incredible spectrum of upcoming projects. It’s as if these two guys unfold more activities than all of the other lecturers combined. It took Goode fifteen of the seventy-five minutes of his presentation to simply give a very brief overview of what they have planned for the near future. Resources seemingly do not matter any more than reality does. Together we can look forward to: a live web-streaming platform similar to the famous TED Talks, announced as “life-events focused on truths, technology and equality”; major events like the Consciousness Renaissance Music Festival (“it’s gonna be like Woodstock — applause!), brought to you by the newly founded Community United Production Company; a new book series entitled The Case for a Secret Space Program that will feature the stories of several ‘whistleblowers’; a line of comic books named Comic Disclosure along with “a motion animated comic that features both myself and William Tompkins’ information” (applause); 3D models and “very cool art depictions of the vessels that are in the secret space program”; worldwide protests and mass meditations getting together under the motto ‘Full Disclosure Now!’, with disclosure not only referring to aliens but demanding the revelation of suppressed technology (“It’s time that — I’m sorry we get pissed off — we go out and start demanding it” ); a TV series in the style of Stranger Things entitled Twenty and Back, based on Corey’s personal testimonies spanning from childhood to present day; and a new GaiaTV show with the working title Above Cosmic. (“It’s gonna be me and the camera telling my story from the beginning, but in much more detail and with a lot of high production value … how many of you would watch that show?” — Thundering applause.)

But Corey also cares a lot about serving each other, knowing that the “full disclosure” isn’t going to be a picnic:
“We have to realize that all evolution occurs through stress.”
Goode and his team are putting together a “team of mental health professionals to assist you holistically in dealing with awakening and disclosure”. The initiative called Uniting Holistic Services for Post-Disclosure Society or UHSPDS wants to “help you find a meaning, purpose, stability and mental wellbeing after disclosure no matter the belief system you hold”. “That’s something we could do as a grassroots initiative”, Goode explains.
“We’re gonna be in a better place to help our fellow man when we get what we’re demanding, which is full disclosure.”
Goode also invited everyone to actively use their skills for “planting seeds in the mass consciousness”, and he did not forget to point out that “the Gaia tent is right there in the back”. I have to say that Corey’s blithe candor baffled me:
“A lot of us are being called right now to have a direct effect on the mass consciousness. Let’s see if we can guide it.”
In twenty years from now, Goode went on to explain,
“it would be great to have young adults looking back at comic books, regular novels and even iPhone apps that stimulated their consciousness and caused them to realize they were starseed, or that they needed to become more service to others and live their life that way.”
Goode lives the example and pays heed to what the Blue Avians told him (or was it the Golden Triangle Head Being?):
“One of the things that they have forced into my head is that I need to make sure that I do not come across as any kind of guru, that I need to remain humble and that I need to make sure that this does not become a cult or a religion.”
There is no doubt in Goode’s mind about who is on the right side and who the bad guys are.
“There’s actually some people who don’t want us to unify. What could possibly be wrong with a bunch of spiritually advanced people putting aside their different belief systems […] and working together. What could possibly scare people about that?”
The Titanic is sinking and the undertow is enormous. Diligent and well-meaning activists of all kinds — not only from the ufology scene — are increasingly being infected or even taken over by something that goes by many different names, depending on the context, but essentially follows a consistent pattern. While David Icke for example calls it the ‘archontic virus’, the native indians refer to it as ‘Wetiko’. The biggest challenge for the affected person is to realize what is actually going on, and to face it. Quite shocked, Bill Ryan told Richard Dolan about how Michael Salla reacted to his offer for exchanging information:
“We wrote very cautious emails to each other […], but he said: ‘I’m not interested in hearing what you have to offer, because I am committed.’ And I thought: Oh my gosh, this is now no longer a researcher — this is now someone who has a belief system.”
Apparently, Linda Moulton Howe contributes to the aforementioned book The Case for a Secret Space Program, while the preface will be written by — none other than Jay Weidner, who is best known for exposing Stanley Kubrick’s Apollo 11 clues in the movie The Shining.

While I am writing these concluding lines, events are coming thick and fast. A few days ago, the brakes of David Wilcock’s car failed, which he immediately blamed on a “dark alliance” that is supposedly after him — among which he more and more openly ranks those who criticize him and Corey Goode. After Goode made similarly paranoid claims, it slipped out that in 2014, Goode’s former employer had placed a restraining order on him for stalking, threats, and harassment. Bill Ryan has actually known about that for quite some time, but decently kept that to himself in order not to escalate the situation. That however came to an end when David Wilcock went to weep himself out on Jimmy Church’s talk radio show Fade to Black and started to denounce Ryan’s Project Avalon. Now Bill Ryan finally lost it:
“Daniel [Liszt, the Dark Journalist] is correct: This is the tip of a very large and very dirty iceberg. There’s a great deal more … Jimmy Church, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are no journalist, you are an entertainer now … That’s cheap and low and dishonest, and manipulative. David, I used to respect you. No longer.”
Meanwhile, Andrew Basiago writes the following on Facebook about Dolan and Ryan — who always described him as a “bright and charming gentleman” and repeatedly emphasized that they were not interested in personal attacks:
“Dolan and Ryan are liars and jackals and probably US agent provocateurs. They both can’t stand to confront the fact that I have done heroic things in my life.”
I would’ve spared you all of that if it was irrelevant, or at least temporary in nature. I would’ve preferred to tell you about the other fifty lecturers and their presentations; about Jacques Vallée’s findings regarding the materials used in UFOs, for example, Peter Levenda’s lecture about Theodore von Kármán and the occult background behind the American aeronautics, or John DeSouza’s tutorial for “paranormal investigators”; about Jimmy Church’s uproarious live show perhaps, the fascinating panel discussions, or Clyde Lewis’ real-time communication with the dead; about my encounter with Giorgio Tsoukalos who interrupted me with perfect German, or my small talk with Richard Dolan — who, with a wink, whispered “This is for intelligent people” when he signed a copy of his book for me. But I had no idea what dramatic scale the schism within the American ufology would soon take, and that the whole down-to-earth UFO research could come under fire — or had been already.

Concerned about the quality standards within the UFO research, Richard Dolan called for reform measures at a MUFON symposium as early as 2011. The only thing he earned from that was that he got “unofficially banned” from MUFON talks for about six years. After MUFON director Jan Harzan persuaded Dolan into speaking at the 2017 MUFON conference though, Dolan was shocked to find out that the venerable organization was going to feature some of these ‘whistleblowers’ whose claims no one can verify at all. “Jan explained himself as well as he could”, Dolan described Harzan’s response when he confronted him,
“essentially saying that he wanted to bring in diverse and interesting opinions and to let attendees decide for themselves”. At this point, Harzan even offered Dolan to rescind his appearance, but Dolan declined. However, “this left me in an interesting position, and I realized it was time to begin expressing my thoughts on this more forthrightly.”
Long time MUFON members that were committed to a scientific approach, such as research director Robert Powell, packed their bags and left the organization, protesting its decision to focus on Andrew Basiago and Corey Goode. “Science has left the building”, Washington MUFON director James Clarkson concluded. In an article published on July 22, he wrote that MUFON’s mission statement — the “scientific investigation of UFOs for the benefit of humanity” — was now nothing more than a cliché and may rest in peace. He was shocked to learn that even high-ranking renowned MUFON researchers praised the 2017 symposium as “historic”.
“Ticket sales and attendance are stellar; stories that are wildly sensational with no supporting evidence are the flavor of the day … If you believe, as I do, that for many years MUFON had a proud place in the field of UFO investigation, then the Corey Goode MUFON 2017 Symposium is historical in the same sense that history was made when the Titanic hit the iceberg on that fateful night on April 15, 1912. There will be survivors in the water and some may be rescued, but the mighty ship will sail no more … I don’t see how they will convince anyone but themselves that MUFON is reputable. As a UFO entertainment company, it may do very well — thanks to unprovable claims like those of Corey Goode […] and others.”
While the idea that the mind of the populace might largely be targeted by hidden forces was considered to be nothing but a paranoid conspiracy theory, in recent years one could hardly help but notice the omnipresent efforts to undermine individual sovereignty, and ultimately, the essence of human existence itself. With social engineering, false flags, political correctness, media propaganda, Orwellian thought police, the destruction of the divine masculine, and recently, artificial intelligence, the latest events within ufology only add to the consistent overall picture of aggressive overarching manipulation. There has been a lot of discussion what the actual characteristics of the new era that we are living in actually are but all opinions and interpretations aside, one thing is for sure: Every single one of us has to decide whether they continue to support the lies — that have now become obvious — or if they hold on and take a stand. In his eight minute video 9/11 is the Litmus Test, the blogger Les Visible put it straight:
“It is not necessary to know the truth. It is only necessary to know the extent of the lies … think about what you allow yourself to know, think about what you pass by, ignore, deny, and defend. That defines you; that defines the degree of your personal courage, your relationship to the truth, your values, your principles, and what you will pass onto your children and everyone you meet. It tells you — in that place where conscience once must’ve lived — whether you are a hypocrite and a fool, or whether something greater still lives within you.”
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